About Us

Q UP was started in 2016 by 4 young entrepreneurs wanting to disrupt the healthcare management system prevalent for OPD clinics at that time. Perukh Pastakia, Vishal Bhosale, Santoshi Sawant, and Rahul Sawant dreamed of changing the traditional “doctor-patient appointment” scenario, by leveraging technology.

Q UP is an intelligent mobile application (Android & iOS) that uses AI and IOT to reduce wait time and eliminate physical queueing. We see ourselves as a trusted partner to doctor’s running their clinics. We provide complete flexibility and include doctor’s requests to make the app functional for his style of working.

Awards and Accolades

shortlisted for ET POWER OF IDEA

Shortlisted for ET POWER OF IDEA , 2017 by Facebook, IIM (A) & CIIE

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Q UP (A Queuing App) with MJ Meenal on 94.3 Radio one

Listen About Q UP APP ( A Queuing App) with MJ Meenal on 94.3 Radio One Pune Music Station. Request to Stay tuned on 29-12-2018 7 pm to 8pm

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Latest from the Q UP desk

Forget the Queue and get a view- Save your time with Q UP

“Waiting is so unusual that many of us can’t stand in a queue for 30 seconds without getting out our phones to check for messages or to Google something.” Indeed true.

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Q UP: Revolutionize the Interaction between Patients and Doctors by Queuing Platform

As mobile technology and smart phones find a permanent spot in the healthcare sector, mo-bile medical apps and mobile health (mHealth) are taking center stage.

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