Today world is connected by a huge network of social media

Today world is connected by  a huge  network of social media. it  is the biggest  platform to reach a huge number of  audience. Social media optimization is the use of social media network to amplify social interaction, discussion and sharing. It is a weapon  of digital marketing to promote venture. social media optimization is aid to increase awareness of newly launched products or services, connect with customers and convey message to larger audiences. 

with progression in digital marketing, companies are looking for professionals with advance in SMO skill.

1.Learning aptitude

Digital world is  never constant . It keeps rolling, so we need to keep pace with digital updates. one needs to be quick in adapting and practising new features on social media. 

Like instagram reels , a new feature on digital platform, which has attracted huge audience in very short time.

2. excellent communication

Communications through social media platform are usually in forms of campaigns, slogans, interactive sessions, appeals and feedback. So one needs to have strong hold on language and content, to facilitate a clear message to people. Also one need good communication skills to get along with colleagues to knit your ideas into words and put them out on digital platforms.

3. content curation

It is the core of marketing. To keep track of what to share and how to share so that it becomes appealing to audience. Content should be based on connectivity with your target audience. Graphics and designs are crucial part of any content.

4. optimise strategies

In path of big achievement , definitely one will face challenges. To overcome challenges , one needs to optimize strategies. Planning schedules, keeping track , assessing on time , staffing and working according to ethics of organisation.


Authenticity is very crucial as one needs to be creative while creating content. Repetitive contents proves to be boring and non appealing to audience. To keep follower or audiences attracted and engaged , social media marketers should create unique content which will hook audience.

6. Analytical skills

Analytical skills are needed to analyse resulted data of viewership , which enhances decisions making quality.