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3409TECH VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED(Q UP) is on a mission to remove voids and digitize healthcare for over a billion Indians. We strengthen the doctor patient relationship by eliminating waiting times and empowering doctors by creating your Doctor's own brand app with easy-to-use features.

Q UP helps to eliminate doctor-patient waiting time

Q UP wants to navigate people for better healthcare experience

People can access the best doctors, book appointments online, take online consultations and stay connected with doctors on Q UP.

Better Healthcare Expericence


We make healthcare simple, safe and secure. Educate patients, digitize their approach and make healthcare easier.

Best Clinic App for doctors

Online Appointment Booking App For Doctors

Q UP has removed voids and digitised healthcare. We strengthen the doctor-patient relationship by eliminating waiting times and empowering doctors by creating their own brand app with easy-to-use features.

Get Your Doctors’ Own Brand App

Doctor’s can establish their medical practices online and grow them digitally. Q UP has eased clinic management. Q UP provides you with your own brand app and gives you a hassle-free life. Q UP is the digital platform that connects the entire healthcare system.

Making Opd Experience Painless For Doctors

Doctors can collect payment from patients online using different methods, like Credit/debit card, UPI, Net-banking, eWallets. Doctors can analyse their daily finance reports as well as their income reports in PDF format.

Get The Best Online Clinic App For Doctor

Q UP is India's Fastest company that creates Doctor's own brand app. Digitising their practice and providing better patient care are preferred by doctors. Build your app using the Best Clinic Management Platform in India and feel the difference.