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Track Your Heatlh with Q UP App

Track your Health

Health Tracker records and manages health statistics and analyses progress. Keeps records of parameters like weight, blood glucose level, creatinine etc.

Store Your Medical History with

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Digital storage of medical records that can be accessed anytime. Now, there is no need to worry about keeping the collection of medical records in paper format.

Real-time doctor appointment update for your app

Real-Time Updates

Get live availability and OPD status of doctors. Updates you about leave, emergency or change in doctor's schedule.

Our specialties

Book Online Appointment with Best Gynecologist


Menstrual Disorders, Pelvic Pain, Urinary Incontinence etc.

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Book Online Appointment with Best Dermatologist


Acne, Sunburn , Contact Dermatitis, Hives.

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Book appointment with best pediatrician in India


Common Cold, Sinusitis, Diarrhea, Lung Infection etc..

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Book an appointment with best orthopedic doctor in india


Hamstring Injuries, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Arthritis etc.

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book appointment with best ayurvedic doctor in india


Anxiety, Asthma, Arthritis, Digestive Problems etc.

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book appointment with best homeopathic doctor in india


Anxiety, Fever, Pelvic Pain, PCOS etc.

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consult with best urologist or nephrologist in india

Nephro & Uro

Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Stone, Prostate Problems etc.

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book appointmernt with india’s best dentist online


Bad Breath, Sensitive Teeth, Cracked or Broken Teeth etc.

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book online appointment with india top ophthalmology today


Colour Blindness, Dry Eye, Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma etc.

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Book online appointment with best otolaryngologist in india


Throat Infection, Deafness, Low Vision Rehabilitation etc.

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consult with best cardiologist doctor in india online


Heart Failure, Valve Disease, Chest Pain, Pulmonary Stenosis etc.

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boo appointment with best oncology in india


Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer, Bladder Cancer etc.

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Consult with best pulmonologist doctor online in india


Pulmonary Edema, Asthma, Bronchiectasis ,Bronchitis, etc.

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book appointment with india best psychiatrist today


Autism, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, etc.

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book appointment with india best neurologist online today


Appendicitis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Blood Clots etc.

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consult with india best surgent,doctor, online by booking an appointment using Q UP app

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How do I get started with Q UP's online doctor consultations?

On Q UP, starting an online medical consultation is a simple. Follow these four easy steps:

  • Select your health condition
  • Speak with a doctor in under 2-3 minutes
  • Ask the doctor your questions through audio or video chat
  • Receive a legitimate online doctor prescription.
What happens if I don't hear back from a doctor?

In the odd case that an online doctor does not answer, you will receive a full refund.

Is it safe to have an online consultation?

Q UP keeps your medical history and online consultations entirely confidential and safe.

Will I be notified if the doctor cancels the appointment?

Yes, you will receive the message. All users of Q UP receive message regarding appointment including reminder, cancel notification or change schedule.

Will my medical records be saved with the app?

Yes, the app will maintain electronic medical reports. Patients and their doctors can access the records during the investigation. You can also keep health track. This includes blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.

Can patients ask doctors to come home?

Yes, if the doctor provides home service. Usually patients book appointment for consultation or they go along with online consultation. It only takes a few minutes to book an appointment on Q UP.

Best Online Doctor Consultation App

Q UP is one of the best doctor appointment booking free app in India with more than 20 specialties and 5000+ doctors from all over India (including different states). Patient can online schedule appointments with doctors any time as per slot availability. There are more than 20+ specialties where you can select among them like MD medicine, Orthologiest, Cardiologist, Gynecology, Rhetomologist, Diabetologist, etc. Patient from all around India use Q UP app for best doctor consultation.

Best Online Doctor Consultation App in India

When people search for best online doctor consultation app then Q UP stands the all above position. The multispeciality approach towards finding out the best speciality is never been an easy job. Q UP helps patient to search among the most prominent doctors all around the India. Now a days, experience of surgeon or doctor also matter and what we found that Q UP company provides the most refined doctors from India. Doctor Booking Online made easy with us. Just one tap and the doctor app link on your smartphone