Is online doctor consultation the future of medicine or the health sector?

As the working world is speeding, it is important for healthcare providers to escalate in the same way. An online doctor consultation empowers doctors and patients to practice consultation through video conferencing technology. Patients talk to doctors using their smartphone, tablet or PC. Real-time video conferencing has become familiar to everyone these days. Remember all those video games and quizzes you attended and the group video calls you had with your family. Now, it is being used as a digital alternative to new and existing health services.

Tele medicine is in demand in the healthcare industry today.The call for tele medicine has been mainstreamed because of the social distancing restrictions imposed on us during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers a huge opportunity to modernize traditional health services. It also highlights the many challenges in providing an effective virtual counseling service.

Benefits of online doctor consultations

Patient flexibility

When online counseling is an option, patients do not need to visit clinics or take time off from work, childcare or school. They can save money on travel and parking. Plus, they can save on waiting and queuing times.Clinician flexibility

Doctors flexibility

Online consultation provides flexibility for doctors and practitioners providing counseling services. They can deliver a checkup from home. It helps in better management of the clinic as well as self.

Increased number of services

You can provide more counseling because of the increased flexibility that virtual consultations provide. Services are more accessible and acceptable to people when offered digitally, which means they are more likely to attend appointments than cancel. Online consultation is the future of the health industry without any doubt.

Breaking the cost curve

Online consultation reduced huge extra costs. Taking half a day off for a 10-minute consultation has to compensate for a high price when technology exists that permits it to be done online from the patient's home or work. Capital is required for building infrastructure, large waiting rooms. Doctors can eliminate it through online consultation.

Online consultation is need

Traveling in itself is harmful for some patients making an appointment. Physically handicapped patients are taking pains from far and wide to see their specialist. In some cases, the appointment itself is a risk – patients with cystic fibrosis can pass the infection to others while sitting together in the same waiting room. Hence online consultation with doctors is a demand as well as a need of the future. Solution to all future problems of healthcare management, Q UP provides best healthcare and tele medicine service. Q UP is India's most promising online counseling app. For a better healthcare experience, sign in to Q UP and get a hassle free consultation experience, Q UP generates apps for doctors where their patients can easily book appointments. Doctors administer and organize their own brand APP booking system. We are one destination for all doctor's needs. We have made it extremely easy for a doctor to move from a traditional practice to a fully digital clinic.