It is of key priority for medical professionals to find the right space in the market that will help them achieve this complex mix of business objectives in the most cost-effective manner to deliver their business maximum value. However, finding the right space that is both efficient and reliable is not an easy task.

For organizations that recognize the need to increase productivity, cut costs, and streamline their doctor-personalized app, the Q UP APP provides a platform to benchmark with an exclusive group of solution providers capable of helping them define and successfully navigate their doctor-personalized app.

How is the Q UP App different from any other app?

One tool that doctors now need to manage their everyday hospital operations is a healthcare app. Q UP has come up with a massive solution to provide doctors with their very own personalized app.

Doctors can now establish medical practices online and grow them digitally. They can also ease their clinic management. Q UP provides various services that can cut off the extra time for doctors.

Comes with a 24*7 customer service

This app offers 24*7 customer service, so if doctors run into any technical problems with the app, we're here to help. It is available on Android and iOS as well. Q UP is always available to resolve any minor issues that might arise with our services. Q UP provides customer service at their convenience. We have mastered the art of providing customer care support service.

Q UP is India’s Top Doctor Personalized HealthCare App

The best EMR (Electronic Medical Record) app in India is produced by Q UP, allowing doctors and surgeons to store all patient information and access it whenever needed. It is simple to evaluate any medical or clinic data and EHR with the app.

Get everything on Q UP!

Q Up is the fastest-growing on-demand app that creates doctor-personalized apps. Q UP provides doctors with online clinic apps, online video consultations, 30-second prescriptions, regional language support, doctor EMR systems, patient apps, etc.

Best payment options

Various methods, including credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and eWallets, can be used to obtain payment from patients online. Doctors can analyze their daily income and financial reports in PDF format.

What are the practices that can be performed in the Q UP app?

Appointment manager Health trends Virtual clinic Report Vault Digital Foyer Easy payment Q UP helps to create a relationship between a doctor and a patient in the best possible way.

What are the services provided by Q UP?

Online medical consultations are now super easy with Q-UP.

How does online video consultation help doctors?

With the doctor's personalized app, they can enhance patient care and staff management on one platform with Q UP's most recent technology developments. By allowing people to schedule online consultations, doctors can expand their virtual practice.
With Q UP, it's easy to enjoy a video/audio consultation with the patient in actual HD resolution.

Go digital by giving instant e-prescription.

Q UP's digital prescriptions can help you go paperless.
Q UP has digitized the process to make it easier. Through the app, doctors can generate electronic prescriptions and send them to patients' email accounts. Thus, the prescription will be saved for future use.

Language is not a barrier anymore.

Prescriptions are generally prepared in English and then translated into any regional language. To make it simpler for patients who want to convert it into their own language, Q UP provides prescriptions in the most widely spoken regional languages in India.

Keep a track record of all finances

Doctors can get a thorough analysis and calculation of the patient's payments. They are able to keep track of their payments and manage their money.
Transform ancient clinic practices into a more efficient, compliant, and productive way.
Get your own doctor personalized app NOW. Don’t wait to get the best!