Doctors have to face challenges every day: They have to balance patient care by providing best practices, work on policies to safeguard and support their staff, and deal with a host of other issues.

What is the advantage of telehealth?

The COVID-19 pandemic has given new challenges to telehealth, but it has also given the chance to grab the spotlight. The advantages of telehealth are undeniable, giving hospitals the chance to position themselves as technologically cutting-edge and inventive. While the pandemic has accelerated the development of telehealth, its capacity to deliver superior medical care in a variety of fields will make it a tenet of healthcare.

Telemedicine is geared up steering to run the healthcare industry. Telemedicine is a natural evolution of healthcare.

Challenges that patients face-

  • Inability to access healthcare facilities from distant places,
  • Unable to get doctor appointments on time,
  • Irregular medical treatment.

Doctors experience stress, depression, and irritation due to long working hours and negative patient results, and Adverse doctor-Patient Interactions.
For all such problems, Q UP has come up with a solution for doctors and for patients as well.

- Doctor’s Own Brand App

The Doctor’s Own Brand App is a software application designed to help patients and doctors manage and schedule visits, video calls, or choose real-time chats.

An increasing number of patients are now searching for healthcare services that provide digital capabilities such as -

  • Online communication,
  • Remote monitoring,
  • E-prescription,
  • Virtual appointments and more.

A doctor’s own brand app is important for any patient when choosing a healthcare provider.
It provides flexibility, convenience, and transparency to both the doctor and the patient.

Features of Doctor’s own Brand App

1. Book, reschedule, and cancel appointments

Patients can book appointments from anywhere, anytime. Doctors and patients can easily cancel and reschedule their appointments. Doctors can estimate their daily schedule and plan accordingly.

2. Patient and doctor's profile accounts

Patients' and doctors' profiles will be created on the APP with medical history to ease checkups. Once created, it will stay on the app for further consultations.

3. Online prescription, payment, and advice

Doctors can send prescriptions digitally. Without much human interaction, patients will pay consultation fees online. In this way, an app will manage billing.

4. Notices and reminders

The doctor and patient get alerts about their appointments, cancellations, and reschedules.

5. Online consultation

Patients can opt for an online consultation. Video, audio, or text can all be used as mediums.

6. Educate patients

Doctors can educate their patients via the app. Doctors can upload healthcare content to inform their patients of prevention, advice, and tips.

Benefits of ‘Doctors Own Brand App’

  • Online doctor scheduling services attract more patients
  • Patients can see a doctor at their convenience! No more waiting !!
  • Will ensure no more phone calls
  • Reminders / Canceling / Scheduling will make it easier
  • Can improve patient satisfaction
  • Provides premium experience
  • Financial Savings

Q UP creates Apps for doctors where their patients can easily book appointments. Doctors' Own Brand App manages and systemizes booking systems. Q UP is the perfect destination for all doctors' needs. We have made it extremely easy for a doctor to transition from a traditional practice to a fully digital clinic. We create applications that make it easy to digitize your practice and improve the quality of patient care.

So doctors, what are you waiting for?

Connect with us and launch your Doctor's own Brand app Today!