Doctor Apps Onboarded

Clear Skin and Hair Laser

Dr. N Kailash

MD Skin Specialist

Congratulations Dr. N Kailash!! You have successfully launched Clear Skin and Hair Laserclinic APP.Your APP will smartly manage your clinic and ease the appointment booking system for your patients.

Nandini Hospital

Dr. Ashok B. Galande & Dr. Ashwini A. Mahajan

MBBS. MS. M.CH Surgical

Congratulation Dr. Ashok B Galande and Dr.Ashwini A Mahajan!! You have successfully launched Nandini Hospital APP. Your app is loaded with special features enhancing your patient experience.

Al- Ahad Dental Clinic

Dr. Shaheed Parvez


Congratulation Dr. Shaheed Parvez. You have successfully launched Al- Ahad Dental ClinicAPP. You have marked your online presence through which your patients can easily connect you.

Sharvil Hospital’s

Dr. Devanand D. More


Congratulations Dr. Devanand More. You have successfully launched Sharvil Hospital APP. Your APP will streamline your entire practise and strengthen you bond with your patients.

Jeevan Homoeopathic Clinic

Dr. Tushar Mishra


Congratulations Dr. Tushar P. Mishara. You have successfully launched Jeevan Homoeopathic Clinic APP. Your app will ease your clinic management and keep you connected with your patients.


Dr. Sarika Naik

Consultant Urogynaecologist & Vaginal Surgeon

Congratulations Dr. Sarita Naik. You have successfully launched UGLC APP. Your APP will keep you connected with your patients anytime, anywhere. We wish you a great start and strong bond with your patients.

Miracles Health Clinic

Dr. Bhagyashri Y.K. & Dr. Yogesh Kadam


Congratulations Dr. Bhagayashri Y.K and Dr. Yogesh Kadam. You have successfully launched Miracles Health Clinic APP.Your APP is loaded with features which will enhance patients experience.

Tongaonkar Hospital

Dr. Deepali Tongaonkar & Dr. Anirudha Tongaonkar


Congratulation Dr. Deepali Tongaonkar and Dr. Anirudha Tongaonkar. You have successfully launched Tongaonkar Hospital APP. Your APP will ease your management system and support your practise.

Dr. Singh’s Advanced Homeopathy

Dr. Rupesh Singh & Dr. Ritu R Singh


Congratulations Dr. Rupesh Singh and Dr. Ritu R Singh. You have succesfully launched Dr. Singh’s Advanced Homeopathy APP. You APP is an all-rounder system to digitalise your practise.

Smiles and Giggles Hospital

Dr. Maitri Shah

pediatric dentist

Congratulations Dr. Maitri Shah. You have successfully launched Smiles and Giggles Hospital APP. Your APP will increase patient interaction and better doctor-patient experience.

Aashay Multispecialty Hospital

Dr. Mangal More


Congratulations Dr. Dr. Mangal More!! You have successfully launched your APP for Aashay Multispecialty Hospital.You have established your online landmark where your patients can connect you anytime.